Disaster Recovery Contacts for Florida – Broward County

September 14, 2017 | Disaster Recovery, Real Estate Investment, State of Florida

Broward County Disaster Recovery Contacts

broward county florida disaster recovery infographic by mortgage biz of florida
broward county florida disaster recovery infographic by mortgage biz of florida

This list of USA, Florida, and Broward county disaster recovery contacts will be helpful during the recovery period after a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, affects your property in Florida.

First, you should stay updated with the information shared by your local officials. Second, it’s imperative to follow the direction of local officials; specially, during evacuation as they are the ones better prepared to keep all Floridians and visitors safe. Finally, we recommend that you follow your city and county official presence on social media for an easy way to keep yourself informed.

Also, you should check out the following links from the best hurricane preparedness resources for families and businesses:

List of disaster recovery contact phone numbers for people affected by a hurricane in Broward county, Florida.

To report an emergency: 911

Broward County Hurricane Hotline: 311
Non-Emergency Police: 954-764-4357
FPL Downed Power Lines: 800-468-8243
Special Needs Shelter & Transportation: 954-831-3902 (TTY: 954-831-3940)
Pet-Friendly Shelter Information: 954-989-3977

FEMA Disaster Assistance: 800-621-3362
American Red Cross: 954-797-3800
Salvation Army: 954-524-6991
Price Gouging Hotline Attorney General: 866-966-7226

Florida’s 2-1-1 Helpline: 211
Florida Emergency Information Line: 800-342-3557
Florida Power and Light: 800-468-8243
State Volunteer and Donations: 800-354-3571
Florida Financial Services Hurricane Helpline: 800-227-8676

Stay safe!

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